Wine Bottle Bags

We supply a variety of wine bottle bags, like single wine bottle bags, 2 bottle wine bags, 4 bottle wine bags, 6 bottle wine bags, bottle tote bags with custom logo and sizes.

If you can’t find good-quality wine bottle bags in bulk or in wholesale, then you’re in for a treat with us here at The One. For 12 years and counting, we have been producing premium wine bottle bags from single bags, 2-bottle bags, and even up to 6 to 8-bottle wine bags!

Interested to see the wine bottle bags we have to offer? Take a look at the different wine bottle bag styles we have in our library of products!

Bulk Reusable Cheap Wine Bottle Bags

The One is most famous for offering cheap, inexpensive, and ultimately affordable reusable cheap wine bottle bags. And while you may think that our products are all going to be low quality, think again! Even if our wine bottle bags are cheap and affordable, we can assure you that it will be over-the-top in terms of the quality, too! Get it at a minimum of 500 pieces, and of course, customized to how you want them to be styled and structured!

Custom Wine Bottle Bags

Customizations on wine bottle bags are usually done by liquor and beverage companies. They can have their logos printed, their business emblems, their catchphrase, or any other type of marketing design or tactic they might have. At The One, we’ll always be ready to help you with the custom wine bottle bags you need. The customizations we can do isn’t only with the color and design, but also with the structure and the overall physicality of your orders. So, reach out to us to get a concrete idea of how you want your wine bottle bags to be customized!

Organza Wine Bottle Bags Wholesale

Organza wine bottle bags are famous for champagnes, wines, and other types of high-quality and premium drinks. And if you want a premium approach for it, you can never be wrong in approaching us here at The One. We can produce whatever color and style of Organza wine bottle bags that you need – whether you need olive, burgundy, ivory, gold, or even silver and copper, or whatever mediocre types of color you can think of, you can place your complete trust in us! We’ll be more than happy to send over a free sample of the fabric or the cloth so you can check if they are what you’re looking for!

Non-Woven Fabric Wine Bags Wholesale

Although Organza wine bags are considered the most common, I’m pretty sure that you are also familiar with non-woven fabric wine bottle bags. These are wine bags that have handles and are usually purchased in singles, and the purpose is to showcase the physicality of the wine bottle. Getting it from us here at The One at a bulk and wholesale amount can save you a lot of time, money, and effort in finding suppliers, because we got it all for you! Whatever type of additional product you want and need, we can help you!

Jute Wine Bottle Bags Wholesale

For a more minimalistic and stylish approach, you can bank and count on us here at The One to help you with jute wine bottle bags wholesale. It’s a special kind of wine bottle bag because of the jute material, and it is often used for gift-giving. We can customize and specify it according to the style and design you want, and also, we’re able to secure a whole range of orders for you, too. Our Research & Development (R&D) team can help you come up with ideas and styles you don’t know yet, so, be sure to check out what we have to offer in case you’re not certain with your design and structure.

Paper Wine Bottle Bags Wholesale

Even though paper isn’t the best type of material for wine bags, it’s still used, often for gift-giving and as promotional products. The One can supply you with all the paper wine bottle bags you need – you can even get it from us wholesale. Our paper wine bottle bag wholesale production is famous because of the versatility and flexibility of style and design – we’re open to suggestions and to other kinds of customizations you could be imagining. Whether you want a single paper bag, a 2-bottle wine paper bag, or even a 4-bottle wine bag, you can trust us!

Single Wine Bottle Bags Wholesale

Can’t find a trusty supplier and manufacturer of single wine bottle bags for your bulk or wholesale orders? Don’t look elsewhere, because we here at The One will definitely be your best option. The wide library of materials we can work on can assure you that you’ll get only the best and highest quality of wine bottle bags. We can help you with paper wine bottle bags, jute wine bottle bags, canvas wine bottle bags, Organza wine bottle bags, and many more!

2 Bottle Wine Bags Wholesale

2-bottle wine bags heed for better and more spacious bags because they need to fit 2 bottles. Apart from this, they need to be stronger and more durable, too. The One’s cutting-edge technology and machineries are perfect if you’re looking for 2-bottle wine bags wholesale. Whatever material you want and need, and no matter how fast and urgent your orders need to be, we can help you! Our top-selling 2-bottle wine bags are made of non-woven fabric, but of course, there’s a lot more!

4 Bottle Wine Bags Wholesale

4-bottle wine bags are just like reusable bags in size because they need to be spacious enough to fit 4 bottles. The One can supply you with ultra-quality 4-bottle wine bags that have solid bases. Our bags would be built with a solid base that would catch and absorb the weight of the bottles. Not only that, but you can customize it too according to your brand, your business, and how you want to showcase the bottles. You can get it for an extremely inexpensive and affordable rate wholesale, contact us now!

6 Bottle Wine Bags Wholesale

Our 6-bottle wine bags are made with precision and accuracy, all depending on how you want and need your wine bottle bags to be. Most of our clients are beverage manufacturers, and, we’re skilled and equipped with the right materials to produce the strongest and most durable for it. Whether you want a jute type of 6-bottle wine bag, non-woven fabric, solid insulated bags, and even proper canvas, we can send over a sample and a draft so you can check if it is the type of wine bottle bag that you’re looking for.

The One has never failed any of its clients in delivering promising quality of wine bottle bags both in retail and in wholesale. Wherever you are in the world, The One is just a call or an email away!

  • We can deliver your orders within 45 days after payment
  • You can customize and personalize your wine bottle bag orders
  • Get single, 2, 4, 6, up to 8-bottle wine bags in whatever fabric you want
  • All our wine bottle bags are safe, licensed, and AZO free

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chances in securing the best and highest quality of wine bottle bags for packaging and for retailing! Get it from Jiangsu’s top wine bottle bag manufacturing company!