Custom wine bags|wine tote bags|wine cooler bags|wine gift bags Supplier and Manufacturer in China. We can supply non woven, jute, organza, etc. materials.

Our styles are one bottle wine bags, two bottle wine bags, four bottle wine bags and six bottle bags for you to choose from.

All our wine bags could be customized sizes and printed logos. Lower minimum order quantity to be started, as a wine bags manufacturer, we can ship wine bags in a quick time for you and make samples in a short time.

All our wine bags could be made OEM and ODM service, just tell us your details, our professional sales team will reply you in 24hours.

Our main markets are North America, Europe, and Oceania.

All our wine bag materials are AZO Free.

Our wine bags styles could be made drawstring, tote, and rope, etc. If you have any other unique design, we all can make for you.

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Custom Wine Bags

If you are looking for suitable bags for your wine gifts to your friends or customers, our custom wine bags are a perfect choice. There are several benefits of choosing custom wine bags as your gift bags of choice. The following are the main reasons why you should consider using custom wine bags.

1. Wide Variety of Wine Bags

  • Different people have different packing needs when it comes to wine bottles. That is why it is vital to choose a manufacturer who can meet all your packing needs by creating personalized packing options.
  • Single non-woven wine bags are a perfect choice for a single bottle wine gift, while double wine bags are good when you are thinking of gifting a couple. You can also choose a four-pack or six-pack wine bag if you are rewarding people in an office or traveling with friends for a vacation.
  • When you are looking for wine bags, you want to be sure the material you choose will be able to transport the wine safely to its destination. At custom wine bags, we offer various wine bag materials that will not disappoint you. From non-woven wine bags to jute wine bags to organza wine bags, we use materials that ensure the safety and security of your wine bottle. 

2. Styles

Custom wine bags come in different styles to fit the purpose and the functionality of the pack. Whether you are looking for single bottle bags, two bottle bags, four bottle bags, or six-bottle bags, you are sure to get them at custom wine bags. There is something to meet your packaging needs when it comes to packing your wine with custom wine bags.

3. Customized Bags

If you are a business person, custom bags can help boost your business brand. You can order custom bags with your logo on them and entice your customers to become more loyal to your brand. It is possible to order low quantity wine bags depending on your need. Also, shipping your custom bags takes a short time as it also takes a short time to manufacture your sample bags. It is essential to order your custom wine bags from manufacturers who can deliver your orders on time.

4. Reusable Wine Bags

Another essential benefit of ordering custom wine bags is that you can get reusable wine bags that are good for the environment. These days, people are trying to reduce waste, and reusable wine bags are one way of reaching that goal. Also, you can order your packaging bags with size and design specifications to meet your unique needs.

5. Modern Style Wine Bags

There is nothing as good as keeping with the modern style personalized bags. As you think of custom wine bags, you also think of style and functionality in line with your specific needs. With custom wine bags, you are sure to get something that fits your particular requirement. Our wine cooler bags help to keep your wine at the right temperature. That makes your wine ready to drink at all times without the need for refrigerating it. It is the best way to adds convenience to your style.

If you are looking for perfect wine bags, custom wine bags will meet all your packaging needs. Make your order today and enjoy a personalized and professional service.