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    Custom Garment Bags, Personalized Suit Bags, Suit carrier, Wardrobe Bags, Storage Bag.

    China Supplier and Manufacturer for making custom Garment bags, Suit Bags. The best styles here for you to choose from. 

    Clear Plastic and Breathable non woven for making suit bags are the best selling materials.

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    Custom Garment Bags, Suit Bags & Suit Covers

    A high-end piece of clothing like a suit deserves a high-quality suit bag to protect it and keep it at its best even when it’s not being used. For this reason, we help brands all over the world design custom suit covers that reflect the business’s identity. We want to provide the best custom suit bags that will help you maximize the quality of your product and make it look even fancier to the eyes of your clients.

    With our products, we want to reflect the quality of the suits inside. This way, the garments will become more attractive and less fragile. When your customers see that the suit that they’ll buy is safe and sound in its custom suit cover, they’ll feel encouraged to use it more. They won’t be afraid to take it on a trip and carry it around whenever they need to. This is also one smart marketing strategy because your clients will be helping you generate brand awareness without them even knowing.

    At The One, we can create and design for you all sorts of custom suit bags. No matter if you want something simple yet elegant at a low price, or something more luxurious and extravagant that reflects exclusivity, we’ll turn your ideas into a reality. You can customize your covers in all ways possible: color, size, material, finishing touches, details, and, of course, your logo and design.

    Our suit covers are made out of synthetic or natural materials. You can choose from:

    Custom Non-Woven Suit Bags

    Non-woven suit bags are normally used to protect expensive pieces of clothing. Whether it’s a suit, a dress, or a coat, this is the perfect material to keep your clothes looking at their best. You can add pockets, change the zipper style, choose the type of handle, add grommets, etc. to create a suit cover that reflects your brand’s style and your product’s value.

    Custom PEVA Suit Bags

    This is one of the most popular material among our customers. People love it because it’s weather-proof, long-lasting, appealing to the eyes, and it can be customized to any specification. It’s available in many colors and sizes.

    Custom PVC/Vinyl Suit Bags

    This type of material makes all users feel safer when traveling with their suits. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes ready to be customized. They’re the perfect option for those looking to get some affordable custom suit bags that will be as functional as any other type of cover made out of a more expensive material.

    Custom Natural fabrics Suit Bags, Canvas, Cotton, etc.

    If you want a high-end custom suit cover, there’s nothing like one made out of natural fabrics like cotton or linen. They’ll make your brand’s quality justice and your customers will want to keep them forever.

    Additionally, we can customize your logo and artwork in any way that you want. Our custom suit bags can be silk-screened, spot printed, repeat printed, hot-stamped, or even embroidered. We work every day to offer the best customization solutions so that our clients can get the perfect custom suit cover for their business.

    Don’t wait any longer, send us your designs and your ideas and we’ll make that it becomes a reality.

    Purchasing garment bags wholesale will definitely give you higher profitability for your business. Whether you’re involved in the clothing business or your business is involved in the supplication of garment bags, finding a wholesale garment bag manufacturing company can make your business better.

    In this guide, we’ll be giving you the complete details on where to find garment bags wholesale. Moreover, you will also learn how you can make the most out of your wholesale garment bag purchase!

    What is a Garment Bag?

    Garment bags are large zippered bags that you use to store garments to prevent them from wrinkling.

    garment bags wholesale

    Sample image of a garment bag

    More often than not, you’ll use garment bags to store and transport suits, dresses, and other more formal types of garments.

    They’re the bags that you see with hangers on top of them.

    Can You Bring a Garment Bag as a Carry On?

    Yes, in fact, there’s a specific rule of thumb of how you can bring and transport your garment bags as a carry on.

    Example of how you can have garment bags as a carry on

    Soft-sided garment bags, which are up to 51 inches or 130 cm can be taken as a carry on item. This particular measurement, usually as a whole of (width x length x height) is allowed.

    There are several air travel policies and airlines, though, that aren’t accepting garment bags as carry on bags, so, you need to be wary of this.

    How Do You Travel With a Suit Garment Bag?

    Should you be asking how you can travel with a suit garment bag, don’t worry, we got you! If your airlines aren’t allowing you to carry it on, you can have a specific way in terms of how you can travel with it.

    NOTE: This guide might be possible, but it would still be advantageous for you if you ask your airlines for the specific policies that the have when traveling with garment bags.

    To be able to travel with a suit garment bag, fold each arm of the suit into an “X” form across the front. Then, slip the suit into the garment bag of your choice. Then, fold and divide the garments bag as if it’s not one.

    Your suit’s now safe and the garment bag is, too!

    Can Garment Bags Be Created Without Wheels?

    Yes, garment bags without wheels are actually used as a type of carry on luggage that you could bring inside an aircraft.

    Wheel-less garment bags

    Many garment bags wholesale manufacturers create wheel-less garment bags for the benefit of those who want to carry it over their shoulders.

    In fact, these garment bags without wheels are easier, simpler, and more convenient to handle than those that have wheels. The only drawback they have is that you wouldn’t be able to roll it around if you’re feeling that it’s getting too heavy.

    Are Plastic Garment Bags Bad For Clothes?

    Many garment bag wholesale manufacturers produce plastic garment bags for a cheaper and a more affordable option.

    Plastic garment bags

    While this is the case, PEVA, PVC, and non-woven garment bags, if mishandled, can cause irreversible damage to your clothes and your garments.

    Since they’re plastic and not made from fabric, they’re non-breathable and can collect up moisture, dust, and all the other types of insignificant additions to your clothes.

    If you’re on a budget but you really want a garment bag, you can try purchasing from garment bags wholesalers. That brings us to our next question, which is…

    Where Can You Find Cheap Garment Bags?

    There are a lot of garment bag manufacturers and suppliers to trust in the market. But, if you’re looking for cheap and affordable ones, going with Chinese garment bag wholesalers is the key.

    Other than the fact that you’ll get discounts, you can also order custom garment bags!

    How Do You Pack a Garment Bag?

    Garment bags wholesale manufacturers wouldn’t tell you this, but packing a garment bag is really easy.

    As a matter of fact, it’s so simple that you can squeeze it into a couple of steps:

    1. Wash and iron the garment or the clothes you’ll store in your garment bag
    2. Stuff the arms of your garments with white tissue paper, this will prevent initial wrinkling from happening
    3. Hang the garments on a hanger. Most garment bag wholesalers would offer a free hanger for their bags. Otherwise, you can use your own hangers for this.
    4. If you have more than 1 suit or dress, you can compress it into one hanger. This saves you a lot of space for your luggage if you need to bring other things.
    5. Button and close the garments if it has buttons, zippers, or any other type of enclosures.
    6. Then, cover the garment using plastic before you store it into the garment bag

    That’s how easy it is to pack a garment bag with the garments or the clothes that you need to bring! Purchasing garment bags wholesale can actually get you not just discounts, but other additions to your garment bags too such as free plastic for cover, hangers, and many more!

    How to Use a Garment Bag?

    In case you’re wondering about how to use a garment bag, it’s actually easy and simple! You neither need to be stress nor worried because it’s just like how you use a regular bag!

    The only difference is, garment bags are solely for garments only; and these usually involve official garments such as suits, coats, cocktail dresses, and the like.

    How Do Manufacturers Make Garment Bags?

    garment bags wholesale

    While plastic has been one of the most common materials to create and produce garment bags, there are garment bag wholesale suppliers that use the traditional muslin.

    Manufacturing plant of garment bag wholesale companies

    Muslin is a type of cotton that’s lightweight and is incorporated with viscose and silk. It’s not like traditional cotton because its weave is compact, intact, and is compressed. Whereas cotton’s weave is more open and loose.

    Garment bags wholesale manufacturers don’t do it by hand. In fact, most of them utilize advanced technologies in the creation of their garment bags.

    Here’s the general step-by-step procedure on how garment bags wholesale manufacturers produce them:

    Step 1: Material Sourcing

    The first thing that these garment bags wholesalers do is they source out for the materials that they need.

    It could be PEVA, non-woven fabric, muslin, cotton, or even PVC.

    Step 2: Weaving

    After they source out or get the materials needed, the next step they do is to weave the pattern. Depending on the custom garment bags clients want, they’ll be weaving complementary to the form and the shape needed.

    Step 3: Shaping of the Garment Bag

    Then, the next step is they shape these garment bags to the desired shape in which clients need it for. If the client needs it to be straight, or if they want it to be open – it will depend on the needs.

    Step 4: Addition of Zippers and Enclosures

    By now, the garment bag will be almost complete. But, it wouldn’t be complete without any zipper or any other type of enclosure.

    In this step, the enclosure or the zippers would be added to the garment bags. In addition to that, you could also have them to garment bags that contain pockets for easy-access accessories.

    That’s the strategic way of how garment bags wholesalers manufacture garment bags. It could be different, though, so take note.

    Should You Purchase Clear Zippered Garment Bags Wholesale?

    Yes! Clear zippered garment bags wholesale are actually one of the easiest to sell. If your business is involved in the sale of garment bags, going with this option will be best.

    Not a lot of garment bag wholesale manufacturing companies are able to produce high quality clear garment bags, so take note.

    Polyester Garment Bags vs. Nylon Garment Bags Wholesale

    While nylon and fabric are two (2) materials that have a lot in common, they actually differ in a couple of points, too.

    Sample image of a nylon garment bag

    We’ll make a table to help you understand their differences better:


    Polyester Garment Bags

    Nylon Garment Bags

    Feel and Texture

    Rougher and duller, but smooth.

    Soft and silky texture and feel.


    More abrasion resistant than nylon.

    More stretchy and more durable.

    Heat Reaction

    Better reactive to heat than nylon.

    Not able to handle heat that good.

    Water Reaction

    Less absorbent than nylon, dries faster.

    Absorbs water and can expand up to 3.5%.

    The decision will lie on what you prioritize for your garments.

    Where Can You Purchase Wholesale Garment Bags With Logo?

    Customized nylon garment printed bag 

    There are a lot of garment bags wholesale manufacturers that offer custom orders with logo. But, if you want to work with China’s top garment bags wholesaler, you can bank and count on us here at The One.

    For years, we’ve been tagged as the best garment bags wholesale manufacturing company. Across the entire country, our products and services have been the most trusted.

    Never did we imagine we’ll be at this point in our business. Even well known world-renowned brands trust us and orders garment bags wholesale!

    Other than garment bags, though, you can also count on us if you need help with canvas bags, laundry bags, cosmetic bags, and many more!

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