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Custom Garment Bags Supplier and Manufacturer in China. Our garment bags could be custom-made with printed logos. They are used for formal wear, dancewear, suits, coats, wedding gowns and dresses, jackets, robes, etc.

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Bridal Garment Bags

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Dance Garment Bags

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Non woven Garment Bags

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TOS-40 PEVA garment bag

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TOD46 210D Nylon polyester garment bag

Nylon Garment Bags

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garment bags wholesale

 There are a variety of sizes and materials for you to make your own custom garment bags. We offer nonwoven, vinyl, PEVA, Nylon, cotton, R-pet, etc. materials. Sizes are like 40″, 54″, 72″, etc. or you can customized your own bag sizes.

Our custom garment bags are breathable, waterproof, durable quality could be suitable for your needs.

We only supply bulk order garment bags wholesale, not support garment bags for sale.

1. What MOQ for Your Garment Bags?

Our minimum order qty is 500PCS, which you can print your logo on our garment bags.

2.Could you Customize Garment Bag Sizes?

Yes, we can accept customized garment sizes. Usually, our garment bag sizes are 40″, 54″, 72″, you can choose our sizes or make your own sizes.

3.Could We Make Garment Bags Sample First Before Making an Order?

Yes, usually we supply plain garment bags free, and customer just pay express cost kindly. If made custom printed garment bags, we need to require some sample cost.

4. What Material Of Garment Bags You Can Supply?

Our Garment Bags could be made Plastic PEVA garment bags, Vinyl garment bags, non woven garment bags, nylon polyester garment bags, cotton&canvas garment bags and Tyvek garment bags, etc.

When it comes to the material of the garment bags that you order from us, you can have the confidence that we offer a wide array of options for the types of material that customers can select to be used for the construction of their garment bags. This is why customers enjoy ordering their custom garment bags from our company when they are the type of people who need to have access to a wide assortment of options. 

As a result, you will be happy to realize that you can opt to have garment bags that are made of fine quality non woven fabric, excellent quality polyester, convenient T/C fabric or ultra durable cotton fabric. We are pleased to offer these great options to you, which will make your shopping experience for your custom garment bags easy and enjoyable.

5. What Payment Term For Garment Bags?

Usually, we made T/T, we also accept L/C, PayPal, etc.

6.What about Printed Garment Bags Delivery Time?

For No printed garment bags, we can ship them in a quick time. For small orders, usually 10-15days if we can materials in stock. If for bulk garment bags no printing, we can ship in 30days.

7.Why you choose us to make garment bags?

Perhaps you are wondering about getting some top quality garment bags for your business. Then you will be pleased with the many different types of personalized garment bags that we have to offer here. 

Our wholesale garment bags are sturdy and are made with meticulous care in order to provide the kind of ultra protection for clothing that you desire. For your convenience, we provide more detailed information regarding our top of the line custom garment bags.

8. What Types Of Garment Bags You Supply?

If you have been searching for custom garment bags for your business, then you can get all the various types of custom garment bags that you need right here. Therefore, you can have access to suit bags that will protect the various parts of your suit, such as the suit jacket, pants and vest. Also, the bags are spacious enough to allow you to place more than one suit in them. 

You can also get garment bags for dresses. Then you can get extra large garment bags for wedding dresses. We know that wedding dresses are long and have a lot of material, which is why each wedding dress garment bag is designed to accommodate those details.

It is also a popular trend to order garment bags for sportswear for athletes. Thus, if you are traveling a lot as an athlete or if you sell sportswear for athletes, then you will be greatly benefited when you buy our sports garment bags as well. Then this will allow you or the athletes to whom you sell sportswear to be able to transport athletic clothing with ultra care in order to ensure that all sportswear will remain in good condition and will look great for various types of sports competitions.

9. What are the benefit of garment bags?

You pay a lot of money for your clothing. That is why it is wise to use our top quality custom garment bags to protect clothing that you wear yourself or that you sell to customers. 

For example, when customers buy clothing at your store, they will surely appreciate it when you also provide them with a great quality garment bag. This will help customers to see that you are making the extra effort to serve them well. 

When customers are treated well in this manner, this will make them more loyal to your business and they will likely want to continue to buy more items from you in the future. Also, custom garment bags are a terrific way to advertise your business to keep your business fresh in the mind of your current customers and to potentially gain new customers when they see your business information on the garment bags.

10.What Styles of garment bags you can offer?

You can opt for a wide array of styles of custom garment bags. 

For instance, you can have a suit garment bag that has a zipper at the front and that allows you to place a hanger conveniently inside to hang the garment bag. Also, you can opt to have a garment bag that has a carrying handle if you so desire instead of having to carry the garment bag via the usage of a hanger. You will also have the option of a garment bag that can be fastened with buttons or velcro. 

Then if you prefer the usage of a lace or drawstring for your garment bag, we will be pleased to provide you with that style of garment bag as well. The reality is that we know how to make custom garment bags for clients all around the world. You can enjoy garment bags of many different colors as well according to your preferences.

11.Could you custom garment bags with logo or printing?

Yes, we support custom garment bags wholesale business with customer’s logo or printing service. We can supply screen printing, hot stamp, heat transfer, embroideried, etc.