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Dead Body Bags and Medical Body Bags Manufacturing Process

body bags manufacturing process
Image of a PEVA Dead Body Bag

Supply Dead Body Bags and Cadaver Body Bags, Disaster Bags, Medical Body Bags For Dead Body

Dead Body Bags Manufacturer- The One. We are specialized in manufacture and supply emergency heavy-duty body bags for dead body. Due to the COVID-19 virus broke out, many customers required for body bag inquires, our factory bought new machines for this urgent case. Daily production ability could be reached 10000pcs/day.  We also have the sources for the disposable face mask and protecting clothes.

    Wondering which dead body bags manufacturer can help you in producing high quality cadaver bags? In this full-on guide, we’ll be walking you through the steps on how you can land on the best dead body bags manufacturer in the market! 

    We’ll not only help you understand what dead body bags are, in fact, we will also do our best to assist you in finding out the best you can get for the most reasonable and the most competitive prices, too! 

    1. What Is A Body Bag?

    Body bags also called cadaver bags which could be used in Hospitals, Mortuary, Emergency Use. A dead body bag, also known as a cadaver bag, or human remains pouch (HRP), is any type of nonporous container pouch designed to move a deceased from one location to another. It is also possible to use a cadaver bag that can also be used to store the corpse in morgues. At The One, we offer various HRP. Learn more about our company.

    2. What Material Can Be Used To Make Dead Body Bags?

    In our factory, we can supply various materials for making body bags. The material used in making the body bags is essential. The cadaver bags are used to carry dead bodies, which can be heavy or contaminated. Our company considers this factor when making the body bags, and that is why we ensure that we have made the body bags using the best materials.

    dead body bags manufacturers

    PEVA is a non-chlorinated vinyl that is used in place of the PVC. Our company uses PEVA to make plastic body bags.

    Compared to other plastic, the PEVA does not have chloride, and that makes it less toxic. We use the latest technology to ensure that the bag has no chemicals at all. These bags HPR can be used in a situation where an autopsy will be required. Since the bag has fewer chemicals, it will significantly reduce the possibility of contamination. Since the bag does not have any PVC, it can be burned as per the EPA standards. At The One, we can make the HPR suit your needs. We offer tailored service to our clients. Since we use the latest technology when making the product, you can be sure you will get the best results.

    dead body bags manufacturers-1

    Our company understands that PVC plastic can contain contamination. However, the body bags we make meet the special requirement set by the regulation authorities. We follow strict regulations when making these body bags to ensure that they are ideal for use.

    Our company makes Vinyl PVC body bags that are waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and a product that can easily withstand wear and tear. The zippers in our bags are highly resistant, and you will not need to use reinforcement tape. Depending on your needs, we offer a stitching and heat-sealing process.

    We are a body bag manufacturer that strives to meet the requirements of our clients.

    • Nylon Body Bags+PU Coating Inside

    At The One, we also make nylon body bags. We make high-quality plastic bags that are PU coated on the inside. The PU is a protective film that makes the pack lightweight, water-resistant, and flexible. The bags also have UV stabilizers. Our company uses the latest technology when making the bags to ensure that they can handle the weight. Our nylon bags are crack-proof and sturdy. With the nylon body bags, it can carry up to 150kgs. We can make the dead body bags as per your request. Our company always ensures that they adhere to the required standards when making the bags.

    Our company uses precision applications when making PP woven body bags. We understand that when you are buying a body bag, you will need one made of the best materials. The woven PP bags we offer are white and are ideal for hospitals, funeral homes, police, and fire departments. We use the latest technology to ensure that we provide durable products to our clients. The bag comes with a straight zipper installed at the center or the side, depending on the clients’ specifications. The bag is biodegradable, which means the corpse can be buried with the bag. It is also safe to burn as per the EPA standard. Our company has the latest body bags manufacture tools, making it possible to make the PP woven HRP to the size you need.

    Heavy Duty Body Bags

    Heavy duty body bags always used by more thicker material to make them. These heavy duty body bag could be use  PEVA, pp woven, polyester, Vinyl to make it. Usually the thickness will be at least 0.20mm.

    3. What Sizes Dead Body Bags Can You Supply?

    Our company offers different sizes of body bags to ensure that we have met our clients’ diverse needs. The body bag’s size can vary as small as 100 cm in length to 250 cm in most cases. However, we can still custom make the dead body bag as per your specification, Like Infant, Child, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL-Large sizes body bags we all can supply. We are a body bag supplier that understands that each person has different needs, and that is why we take the time to listen to our clients and their demand. In case you have any special requests on the size, we will be more than willing to listen to you and help you out.

    4. What Style Of Dead Body Bags Do You Make?

    When it comes to cadaver bags, we are not limited to one design. We offer different styles to meet the diverse needs of our various clients.

    • No Handles Corpse Body Bags

    In case you are using the body bag in the mortuary, you might not need to transport it from one place to another. If so, then the no-handle cadaver bag will come in handy. These bags are sturdy and easy to use. In most cases, the zipper is found in the middle of the zipper. All you need is to open it up and fit in the body

    • Handles Body Bags

    We also design body bags with handles. The handles can range from 6 to 12. What determines the number of handles we put in the bag is the size of the cadaver bag. We also take a look at what our clients need and fix the handles as per their specifications.

    • Zipper Design for Disaster Pouches Body Bag

    Our body bag manufacturer company will also make the bag zipper depending on what the clients need. Some of the zipper design options we offer to our clients are curved envelope zipper, perimeter zipper, and straight zipper.

    • No Zipper Dead Body Bags

    Not all the body bags we offer are sealed using a zipper; some are self-sealing. In case you need a bag that seals, then we have the tools and skills required to make you a self-sealing b HRP.

    5. What Certification You Have For Body Bags?

    Currently, we have ISO9001 certification and SGS certification for our body bags, also our bag materials are AZO Free.

    Wondering which dead body bags manufacturer can help you in producing high quality cadaver bags? In this full-on guide, we’ll be walking you through the steps on how you can land on the best dead body bags manufacturer in the market!

    We’ll not only help you understand what dead body bags are, in fact, we will also do our best to assist you in finding out the best you can get for the most reasonable and the most competitive prices, too!

    How Much Does a Body Bag Cost?

    The rates and prices of body bags for dead bodies actually are different. Not all dead body bags manufacturers offer the same price tags.

    dead body bags manufacturer-1

    If we were to give the rates and prices for body bags, it’ll all be different. To give you an example, a regular PEVA body bag will cost about $12 to $15. Regular body bags would be $3 to $5, and dead body bags or disaster bags with more than two (2) handles cost about $35 to $45 – that’s the retail price.

    In addition to that, the rates and prices for dead body bags for animals differ from that of human cadaver bags as well.

    In the event that you want your rates to be better, you can contact wholesale dead body bags manufacturers and suppliers. You will be able to get it at rates and prices that’ll truly sweep you off your feet.

    Why Are Body Bags Different Colors?

    You might have seen dead body bags or cadaver bags in different colors in movies and TV shows.

    Is this particular color scheme just for show or does it really mean something?

    No, different dead body bag manufacturers produce and manufacture cadaver bags and containers that are different in color depending on their clients’ choice.

    However, some people speculate that different-colored dead body bags mean something. While they’re not 100% foolproof, here are some of the “meanings” associated with different body bag colors.

    White Body Bags

    White cadaver or dead body bags gained its popularity because they’re the easiest color to see. Imagine having a black body bag and you need to service at night, would you be able to see it easily?

    With white body bags, all pieces of evidence can easily be spotted from bodies and from cadavers.

    Yellow Body Bags

    Based on some sources, yellow body bags are HRPs, or short for human remains pouch where fragments of the cadaver are stored.

    However, there’s no solid proof that dictates it.

    Red Body Bags

    Red body bags are body bags that you use when you are to dispose materials that have been blood stained. Therefore, you can use these bags if you’re going to collect a cadaver that is covered with blood so you don’t get it stained.

    Black and Gray Body Bags

    Last but most definitely not least are black dead body bags. For obvious reasons, black body bags are manufactured and produced because they can easily hide the inner contents of the bag.

    This can keep whatever’s happened to the body or the cadaver confidential until medical observance has been confirmed.

    These colors are also the most used colors for dead body bags for animals.

    These are the most common colors of body bags you will see in the market. An inch of peripheral is seen as it having its own definition, but the colors your dead body bags supplier will produce will depend on what your requests are.

    Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Dead Body Bags

    Cadaver bags or dead body bags, just like any other product, are neither cheap nor affordable. That is, of course, when you purchase them in retail.

    body bags manufacturing process

    Wholesale dead body bag manufacturing process

    On the opposite end of the rope, you can actually get tons of discounts when you purchase dead body bags wholesale! Apart from cheaper and more affordable rates, what are the other benefits you can get if you purchase dead body bags in bulk?

    Higher Profitability

    Let’s get straight to the point – since we’re doing business, our goal is to make money, not anything else. If we are in the business of selling, we want the materials and the products that we purchase to be cheap – and that applies when you decide to purchase dead body bags in bulk.

    This is the main and the primary advantage of purchasing wholesale from dead body bags manufacturers.

    Chance to Own Competitors

    Another benefit you can get from it would be the fact that you can actually own your competitors. Own in a sense that when they run out of stock, you’re there to help them.

    You might not be able to give what they specifically wanted and designed, but you can sell them the surplus of stocks that you have in a higher price than you purchased it.

    For instance, since you purchase your products from a wholesale dead body bags supplier for just $1.30 each, you can sell them to your competitors at around $5 to $6, which is already cheap especially if you’re in Europe or the Americas.

    100% Availability

    Have you ever had an experience where your materials or your products have run out and there are still groups of people trying to purchase it from you? This is probably the worst thing that could happen to a business that involves selling, but how do you go about this?

    The best thing to do is to be prepared. The only reason why your stocks ran out is because you purchased it based on projected or historical demand.

    That’s where purchasing cadaver bags in bulk come in. When you tell your dead body bags manufacturer that you’ll be purchasing in bulk, not only will you be able to get it for the best rates possible, you will always have 100% availability too.

    Long-Term Discounts and Promos

    Apart from those, you can also get discounts and promos long-term from the manufacturer or the dead body bags supplier you’ll be working with.

    Over time, you will build business and professional relationships with them, which you can use to your advantage for the future of your business.

    These are only some of the advantageous scenarios you can get when you decide to purchase dead body bags in bulk or in wholesale. Depending on your position, you’ll be able to experience many other benefits, so don’t worry!

    How Do You Make a Dead Body Bag?

    People get confused about what the materials of dead body bags are. They often have the misconception that dead body bags for animals are different, when in reality, it’s just the same!

    When in fact, it’s simple – it’s plastic or a type of rubber fabric.

    If you want to know more about it, here’s a general view of the manufacturing procedure of dead body bags:

    Step 1: Sourcing of Materials

    The first step dead body bags manufacturers do is source materials. They’d have to find suppliers of the materials they need, may it be plastic or a special fabric, it’s usually just easy to find!

    Step 2: Shaping of Bag

    When they’re set with all the materials they need, the next step is to shape the dead body bag to the corresponding form and size the client needs it to be in. For instance, if they need dead body bags for animals, it will be at a corresponding size; if they need body bags for dead bodies (human remains), it’ll be a different size.

    While the usual size or dimensions of dead body bags are 36 inches, dead body bags manufacturers offer different options and choices for clients.

    Whatever size of dead body bags or cadaver bags you need, you’ll be able to get it.

    Step 3: Heat Sealing 

    Since the majority of the materials is plastic, heat sealing would be the perfect procedure to lock them all in.

    Should you be not aware of what it is, heat sealing is the procedure of sealing thermoplastic to another thermoplastic using heat and pressure.

    This is the step wherein dead body bag manufacturers finalize the form and the dimension.

    Step 4: Coloring of the Cadaver Bag

    If you require color, you can definitely tell your dead body bag manufacturer about it. Whether you want it to be in the color of yellow, red, blue, black, or even white, it’ll be easy.

    You’ll never be restricted with whatever color of cadaver bags you need!

    Step 5: Adding of Zipper or Enclosure

    Once that’s all done the zipper is added onto the unit. Without a zipper or any enclosure, it’s not a dead body bag.

    The length of the enclosure will depend on the request of the client or the customer. However, that’s not always what the case is.

    There are instances where zippers of pre-made dead body bags are installed depending on the likes of the previous model or unit.

    Step 6: Inspection

    Before packing and delivery, each and every unit should inspect the products first. Most experienced dead body bag manufacturers will perform several checks to ensure that the cadaver bags are within their and their clients’ expectations.

    This is the generic outline of how dead body bag manufacturers produce and manufacture cadaver bags.

    NOTE: This isn’t the exact process that all dead body bag manufacturers follow. Some might do it differently; it’s just the general structure of how it’s made.

    Dead Body Bag Specifications

    The specifications or the spec of dead body bags or cadaver bags will be based on the material itself. If you’re going to purchase, it is imperative that you know what the specs are!

    Here’s a list of the specifications dead body bags have:

    • Size or Dimension
    • Thickness
    • Material Used to Create It
    • Style, Printing, or Color
    • Zipper and Zipper Length

    Before deciding on the dead body bag you’ll purchase, it is important that you know what the accurate specifications are.

    Dead Body Bag Business

    In case you want to put up or start up a dead body bag business, you would need a dead body bag manufacturer you can place your full trust in.

    Unlike other products, dead body bags need to be on point, especially when what you require are high quality bags.

    While many dead body bag manufacturers use the same materials, not everyone does and undergoes the same processes.

    Therefore, the final and end results would really be different.

    Secure your dead body bag business by working with us here at The One! All of our dead body bags for animals, as well as for human remains will truly be within your expectation!

    Image of a PEVA Dead Body Bag

    Image of a PEVA Dead Body Bag

    Body Bags For Dead Animals/ Cadaver Animal Cadaver Bags

    Did you know that dead body bags manufacturers don’t just produce cadaver bags for humans? Most of the time, these products are also used for dad bodies and cadavers of animals, too!

    Yes, apart from human remain pouches or HRPs, dead body bag manufacturers also produce cadaver bags for animals!

    This goes to show that their capabilities aren’t just limited to human remains, they’re capable of producing dead body bags for animals too!

    Medical Body Bags

    We supply hospital emergency medical body bags for first aid or dead people. All our medical body bags could be passed tests and we made ASTM D 5034 test for our medical body bags.


    Mortuary Body Bags

    Here have many styles of dead body bags for mortuary use. We can supply you with any size of mortuary body bags.


    Where To Buy Body Bags?

    Across the entire country, no other dead body bag manufacturer is more trusted than us here at The One. We’ve been considered as the best, the most reliable, and the most sought-after dead body bag supplier for more than a decade!

    Thanks to our sheer will and determination, we improved in our craft and were able to provide all the necessary products and services to our clients.

    If you want high-quality dead body bags, get it from us here at The One! We’re not limited to offering you cadaver bags, you can count on us to be your supplier of tote bags, grocery bags, drawstring bags, mesh bags, and more!

    Visit the products page of our website today and get a free quote! You can also reach out to us via our landline and our email!

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