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Image of a PEVA Dead Body Bag

Supply Custom Animal Body Bags

We supply bulk custom animal body bags. Our factory bought new many new machines our body bags. Daily production ability could be reached 10000pcs/day.

    Most of us have pets, and, in fact, a lot of us are concerned about their welfare, especially when they pass. But, instead of going through the traditional route of just burying them, many pet owners are now invested into the idea of using animal body bags.

    So, in this guide, we will be sharing with you some of the top things to know about animal body bags!

    Are Animal Body Bags Same as Euthanasia Bags?

    Yes, euthanasia bags are also animal body bags that are just used in different terminologies.

    Figure 1 – A small animal burial bag

    Helping you with it further, these bags are commonly used for the purpose of keeping the bodies of dead animals not exposed to the environment.

    And, in order for you to understand the hype and the demand for it, here are a couple of the benefits of using animal body bags!

    Benefits of Animal Body Bags

    Figure 2 – Animal body bags are extremely useful in protecting others around you from diseases

    Using anima burial bags have a couple of pros and advantages, and some of them include:

    • It can keep the cadaver or the dead body secured and not exposed.
    • There wouldn’t be bothersome moments when transporting.
    • Foul smell can be eradicated effectively.

    These are some of the top and most notable benefits and advantages of using animal body bags!

    Do They Make Body Bags For Dogs?

    Figure 3 – Different sizes of animal burial bags

    Yes, in fact, these animal body bags aren’t just for a specific type of pet or domestic animal. You can actually use it for other types of pets and animals, too!

    Below, we’ll be discussing and listing some of the animals that you can use these pet burial bags for.

    Pet Burial Bags

    Euthabag is among the top manufacturers of pet burial bags in the market. However, your options aren’t just limited to them when it comes to purchasing animal body bags or cadaver bags.

    Figure 4 – A big-sized animal carcass or burial bag

    You can also look into the option of purchasing them from a series of general manufacturers such as in India, China, and even Vietnam.

    Little did you know, some of the world’s top and most popular animal body bag manufacturers get their products and supplies from these suppliers, too.

    What Pets Can You Use Animal Burial Bags For?

    Figure 5 – You can use animal burial bags for a wide variety of pets and domesticated animals

    There really isn’t any restriction on which animal you can use it for, so long as it fits the bag perfectly without the fear of scratching, tearing, or wearing the bag out.

    The most common animals and pets you can place inside these animal body bags include:

    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Mice
    • Hamsters
    • Chicks/Chickens
    • Rabbits/Hares
    • Birds

    NOTE: As you can see, there isn’t any class or type of animal – you can even put animals that aren’t domestic as long as they fit! Even medium to large-sized cats and dogs will be eligible to fit inside these animal body bags!

    What Are Cadaver Bags For Animals Made From?

    Figure 6 – Animal cadaver bags can be made from a wide variety of materials

    The materials in making and producing cadaver bags for animals vary widely. However, the most common and used material for this would be polyethylene (PE) film.

    Commonly, the PE fil used for the production or the manufacturing of animal burial.  

    Can You Purchase Large Animal Burial Bags?

    Yes, you’ll be able to buy and purchase animal burial bags in all different sizes available. You won’t be limited to the options for sizes and shapes that you can purchase them for!

    Figure 7 – An example of a large-sized animal mortuary bag

    However, do take note that this does not mean you can purchase animal body bags that are as big as the usual mortuary bags that are used for human remains.

    Oftentimes, large-sized animal burial bags would be in sizes ranging from 20 inches up to 34 inches by 55 inches (which is able to carry upwards of 150 lbs).

    Are Pet Burial Transport Bags Biodegradable?

    The vast majority of experts pronounce that these pet burial or animal body bags aren’t actually biodegradable because of the fact that they’re made from plastic and could not be decomposed by any means.

    However, several pet burial or animal body bag manufacturers and suppliers claim that their products are made from PEVA or polyethylene vinyl acetate that have additives, making them biodegradable and decomposable in nature.

    Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Animal Body Bags?

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