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We supply bulk cheap custom funeral body bags with durable quality materials. Handles :no handles, 4 handles, 6 handles, etc. Zipper: C Style or Straight Zipper. Single Packing.

    Can’t find a good quality funeral body bags supplier? Do you want to know how you can purchase the best and most ideal one in the market? In this FAQ and buying guide, we will go over the steps that you need to take to identify and determine the best funeral body bags in the market!

    So, without further ado, let’s head right onto the guide!

    What is a Disaster Body Bag?

    Disaster body bags, also commonly referred to as funeral body bags, are bags that you use to contain dead bodies.

    Figure 1 – An image of a regular disaster body bag

    These are bags that are often used in the medical field, the scientific field, as well as the defense and military field. The primary use of funeral body bags or disaster body bags and pouches is to conceal and cover the bodies of human and animal remains and prepare them either for burial or cremation.

    Funeral Body Bags For Sale

    Figure 2- An example of the most common type of funeral body bag in the market

    You’ll be able to find a lot of funeral body bags for sale, whether its use is for animals or for humans, there will never be a shortage of it online!

    Some of the websites and e-commerce stores you can get it from include:

    Mortuary Body Bags

    A mortuary body bag is another term for disaster body bags and funeral body bags. Don’t be confused when you encounter these terms, because, these are all the same!

    The term mortuary body bags are often used in the medical field to identify the bags that are used for covering dead bodies, which would be for the purpose of transporting, moving, or preparing it for the further process.

    Funeral Body Bag Price

    Now that we know about the whole library of dead body bags you can buy, how much would they cost?

    Figure 3 – The rates and prices for dead body bags differ largely

    The rate/price for these dead body bags will depend on the manufacturer you purchase it from, as well as the size/shape/form of it.

    General or plain dead body bags will cost around $7 to $12 per piece. This will already be for those that have handles as well as complete exterior covers.

    But, did you know that you can actually purchase them for much cheaper and much more affordable rates? There are tons of Chinese disaster body bag suppliers and manufacturers you can trust and bank on, and you will never have any trouble communicating with them!

    Are Funeral Body Bags Different?

    Similar to the terminologies, medical body bags are just like disaster body bags.

    Figure 4 – Medical body bags aren’t different from usual body bags

    They’re just deemed and labeled as funeral body bags because they’re often used in the funeral field, mainly in the morgue section of hospitals and other similar facilities.

    What Does a Red Body Bag Mean?

    Figure 5 – The color red could mean that the contents aren’t suitable for the public eye or could just be color-coding from the company.

    There are various meanings as to what a red body bag is from different parts of the globe. As a generally and globally accepted meaning, though, red body bags are usually utilized in situations where the person or the animal inside passed in a horrendous and quite brutal way.

    People have their own opinions and insights as to the use of these red body bags, because, in reality, they’re not really something “required” in such a way that it’s followed as a standard by businesses and companies around the world.

    What Sizes Can You Purchase Disaster Pouches In?

    Similar to the colors you can buy these disaster body bags and disaster pouches in, the sizes and shapes would also vary largely.

    Figure 6 – There are a large number of varieties in choosing the disaster pouches you can offer your clients

    The general and average size you can purchase them in would be at 36 inches x 90 inches or 91 cm x 229 cm. However, this will again depend on the type of body or waste you’ll place inside it.

    You can also find disaster pouches that have smaller sizes, which are often pointed and used for the unfortunate evens that happen to animals, pets, and even children.

    Who is the Best Disaster Body Bag Manufacturer in China?

    For more than a decade, The One has continuously produced and manufactured the best and highest quality of funeral body bags or disaster body bags in the market.

    From small child-sized disaster body bags to full-on complete adult size disaster pouches, we definitely have what you need! You can choose from the wide array of raw materials that we have here at The One and we will never leave you disappointed.

    We can create and produce disaster pouches and funeral body bags from vinyl, nylon, PEVA, PVC, or any other material that you want!

    Why Choose The One’s Funeral Body Bags?

    Here are some of the benefits and advantages of choosing our products over our competitors:

    • Our delivery time is fast and urgent
    • We can manufacture high-quality disaster pouches in varying shapes and sizes
    • We will never let you experience a shortage for the disaster body bags you need
    • You can choose from a wide variety of items and raw materials!

    What Other Products Can The One Offer?

    If you thought that our expertise is restricted and limited to funeral body bags, think again! The One can also be your best choice if you require other types of bags and storages, such as custom cooler bags, dust bags, and many others!

    Wherever you are in the world and in whatever industry you’re in, you can be certain that we here at The One can help you with the supply of funeral body bags you need!

    Contact us and never worry about where you can get quality funeral body bags ever again!

    Funeral Body Bags – The All-In-One FAQ Guide

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