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Are you looking for a custom non-woven bag manufacturer that you can trust and rely on? If so, you’re just in the right page! Here with us at The One, we’re focused to bringing joy and contentment to all our clients.

Unlike our competitors, we’ve continuously developed and improved our knowledge and skill in creating custom non-woven bags.

Before we dive straight into that topic, let’s try to unravel the world’s take on custom non-woven bags.

Custom Non-Woven Bags

If you’re looking to purchase custom non-woven bags, you can never go wrong in trusting us here at The One.

Sample image of what a custom non-woven bag looks like

Whatever type of custom non-woven bag you need, you can count on us! Wherever you are in the world – may it be in China or in other countries and places, our team here at The One is just a call away.

Custom Recycle Bag

Nowadays, people also root for custom recycle bags to add to the types of bags to have.

A recycled eco-friendly bag that’s been customized and made via non-woven fabric

One benefit people get in purchasing these custom recycle bags is that they’re typically made from recycled materials.

Therefore, we can easily come to the conclusion that they’re cheaper, more affordable, and easier to create!

Get custom recycle bags from us here at The One and never be disappointed with the results! We can produce custom recycle bags from whatever type of material you need!

How to Print on Non-Woven Bags?  

Printing on non-woven fabric has been one of the most-asked questions in the industry. A lot of people are looking for precise and accurate information as to how they can print on non-woven bags.

Image of non-woven fabric being printed on

Do you use a silk screen? Do you use a heat-generating printer? Or would you rather use a digital printer?

The answer to this question will lie on the type of non-woven fabric used. Yes, in fact, there are multiple processes and methods you can do to print on non-woven bags, they include advanced water slurry printing, thermosetting ink printing, non-woven handbags, advanced environmentally friendly glue printing, and so on.

As a general rule, you should try to refrain from heat printing non-woven polypropylene. Why? – Because doing so can contribute to the melting of the fabric, especially if the temperature isn’t controlled.

Here’s a quick and simple process you can follow to help you print on non-woven bags.

  1. Finalize the complete and the overall look of the non-woven bag.
  2. Submit your design to the custom non-woven bag manufacturer.
  3. The manufacturer will then proceed to print the design to the non-woven bag via silkscreen printing, or any other type of printing that’s efficient.  
  4. Heat printing can be done, but, the temperature needs to be not anywhere close to 275 degrees Celsius.
  5. Before they’re taken out of the silkscreen printing machine, they’re carefully inspected and assessed to see if the design has properly been printed.
  6. They undergo the last round or phase of quality assurance and quality checks before they’re sent for packaging.

Custom Non-Woven Tote Bags

Wherever you look, you’ll never be disappointed with the quality of the custom non-woven tote bags we offer here at The One.

Promotional or advertising bag that’s custom-made

Over the years, we’ve studied and mastered the art of manufacturing custom non-woven tote bags for different types and kinds of businesses.

Whatever business sector or industry you may be in, we’ll gladly be able to help you.

Non-Woven Bags Wholesale

The One is also the best option you have if you’re looking for non-woven bags wholesale. In fact, we can get you the best rates and prices if you purchase or buy non-woven bags in bulk!

We’re skilled and capable of supplying you with thousands of non-woven bags that are custom to your needs! Don’t worry, the quality of our bags is never compromised, no matter how complex you think your design is, we can guarantee that we’ll be able to help you with it!

Non-Woven Bags Manufacturer

You’ll never have to worry about where you can find good-quality non-woven bags manufacturer when you choose us here at The One.

Image of a factory that produces non-woven bags wholesale or in bulk

Fret not if your business isn’t located in China. We’ll help and assist you through thick and thin, no matter what the cost is!

Non Woven Bags Wholesale Price

In order to be sure of what the wholesale price is of non-woven bags, you’d have to approach and contact your manufacturer about it.

Here at The One, we can assure you that you wouldn’t be burning a hole in your pocket. We’ll get you high-quality custom non-woven bags in the cheapest, most competitive, and the most affordable rates and prices you can get!

Can You Wash Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric?

Yes, whether it’s done through and accomplished via the spunbound method, or any other method applicable, you can certainly wash them to be able to clean and sanitize them effectively.

You can wash them just like how you wash clothes – but not by putting them inside a washing machine or a dryer.

You can wash and apply warm-to-hot water in order to soften the fabric, mix it with a soap-like solution, rinse it, and then hang it so that it can be dried out.

Are Non Woven Bags Eco Friendly?

Yes, non-woven bags are considered eco or environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly non-woven bags

While part or component of what they’re made of is biodegradable plastic, you’ll be able to reuse them until such time that you’re not able to use them any longer.

What Are Non-Woven Grocery Bags?

They are grocery bags that are made out of non-woven fabric or material.

The One is a company more than skilled and capable of producing these non-woven grocery bags, whatever style, type, and design you’re looking for.

You can also bank on us here at The One if you’re looking for jute bags, clear cosmetic PVC tote bags, fishing cooler bags, and many more!

Custom Non-Woven Bags – The Complete FAQ Guide

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