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Image of a PEVA Dead Body Bag

Supply Custom Corpse Body Bags

We supply bulk custom corpse body bags. Our factory bought new machines for this urgent case. Daily production ability could be reached 10000pcs/day. 

    You will definitely find it challenging to gather and seek the best, most durable, strongest, and most efficient corpse bags in the market. But, do you know that there are a couple of factors you can consider for it?

    In this buying and FAQ guide, we’ll be going over the exact things are that you need in order for you to know that the corpse body bag you’re looking at will be the best option for you.

    Not only that, but we’ll also give you a couple of the most relevant information about shroud body bags you might not have known!

    What is the Purpose of a Body Bag?

    The primary purpose of corpse body bags or body bags (corpse bags), for short, is to cover and act as a pouch for human and animal remains.

    Figure 1 – An image of a corpse body bag that is in the black color

    This cover would allow privacy to conceal or to hide whatever whoever or whatever the remains are inside the pouch.

    Often used in morgues, covering or protecting the remains of what’s inside the pouch or the bag is relevant as not doing so can cause contamination, infectious diseases, and even spread foul smells within the vicinity it’s in.

    What Are Yellow Corpse Bags For?

    Some say that yellow corpse body bags are used to conceal infectious bodies or remains that have died due to diseases that could spread.

    Figure 2 – Yellow body bags are usually signs that the body or the contents of the bag are infectious

    Others say that the yellow color of a body bag means that it’s for the purpose of keeping everything intact – and to avoid spillage of blood and other liquids that could be part of the scene, too.

    No one knows for sure what this is; it can even be just for the purpose of identification for some establishments like morgues and hospitals for them not to be confused about the choices and decisions.

    Medical Body Bags

    Contrary to popular belief, corpse body bags aren’t solely used in the medical field. Several other industries use it – the military and the federal state (police), among others.

    Figure 3 – Medical body bags that are made from non-woven fabric

    But, the jargon that’s thrown around, which speaks of medical body bags are often due to the fact that this field is the field where body bags are used most commonly.

    In case you’re not aware, almost all morgues have sets of these corpse bags, covering the corpse and hindering it from contaminating the place where it’s stored.

    You’ll find many different medical body bags in the market, whether you need to purchase them in single pieces or in bulks!

    Dead Body Bags Price

    The rates and prices of dead body bags or shroud bags vary largely, from size, shape, and type of material – and even the manufacturer.

    Figure 4 – The prices and rates of dead body bags are different

    When it comes to the prices and rates, dead body bags are often priced at $7 to $12 per piece in retail pricing. This can go up as high as $40 per piece, depending on the features and the additional functionalities that are part of the shroud bags.

    What is a Mortuary Shroud?

    Don’t confuse yourself with what a regular “shroud” is from a “shroud bag.”

    Figure 5- A simple example of a mortuary shroud

    In essence, a mortuary shroud is just a piece of cloth or material that’s placed on top of a dead body (human or animal), helping to preserve and protect it.

    A mortuary shroud bag or a corpse body bag, on the other end of the spectrum is a bag that you can use where you can place a body inside it, ideal for transporting or for moving the corpse.

    There are big distinctions and differences between the two, so, don’t be confused with it!

    What Materials Are Used to Produce Corpse Body Bags?

    The concept of corpse body bags have changed throughout the years as some manufacturers introduced the usage of several thermoplastics such as PEVA, PC, and PE for it.

    Figure 6 – Many different materials can be used to produce/manufacture corpse bags

    This question would always often be left unanswered because the type of material will depend on the liking of the client, as well as the materials that the manufacturer can work with.

    To give you a rough list, though, part of the most common materials you’ll see in the industry would include:

    • PVC or polyvinyl chloride
    • Non-woven fabrics
    • PEVA or polyethylene vinyl acetate
    • Polyester

    NOTE: As we said above, these aren’t everything; these are just the most common and the materials that are the most-used.

    Why is The One the Best Shroud Body Bag Manufacturer?

    Here at The One, we’re able to produce a heap of high-quality corpse body bags that are flexible and versatile! Unlike other shroud body bags you’ll see in the market, our products are used by various business sectors and industries, from the medical industry, the military industry, and even for hunting!

    Yes, you heard it right! The One’s lineup of corpse body bags isn’t only for humans and adults – you can use it for animals, too!

    Business Benefits of Choosing The One

    Here are some of the most notable reasons why The One is considered and deemed as the country’s top corpse bag manufacturer:

    • We can create it out of a wide variety of materials
    • The One’s corpse body bags are easy to use and flexible
    • It’s processed and manufactured finely and efficiently
    • We can produce it in many different colors

    You will never have any disappointments and regrets in choosing The One for the production of your corpse body bags! Wherever you are in the world, you will receive it in a timely manner!

    Other than corpse bags, The One can also be your primary option if you need garment bags, duffle bags, cosmetic bags, tote bags, and many more!

    Corpse Bag – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

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