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One of the most common misconceptions people have with insulated bags is that they always come in the same shape – until they see and find out that businesses and manufacturers like us here at The One are existent.

Our company’s vision is not only to produce high-quality products, but also to innovate and produce exceptional insulated bags for various purposes.

We are adept and experienced in what we do, and therefore, we’re named as the best custom insulated and custom cooler bags manufacturer in the whole state.

Here are some of the most-sold products and models we here at The One have.

Custom Cooler Bags With Logo

Want to get plain customer cooler bags so you could add your logo and business name on it? Don’t worry, we’re offering custom cooler bags with logo here at The One. We use high-tech equipment for the manufacturing, so the speed of the process should never be a problem. Let us know what size, shape, color, style, and design you want your cooler bags to have and we’ll never hesitate to help you with it!

Custom Printed Cooler Bags

Whether you’re looking for a hard cooler bag or a soft cooler bag, The One can be of assistance. With 12+ years of experience in the market as a company, we can guarantee quality and unnerving levels of support, should you need any. We are equipped with an excellent Research & Development (R&D) team that can help you with the specifics of the custom cooler bags you need.

Custom Cooler Backpack

We here at The One can also help you with an insulated type of cooler, backpack style. These are mostly soft-shelled, but hard and durable materials combined with one another to produce easy to carry, convenient, but effective coolers. Choose whatever color you prefer and we’ll let you know whether or not we can produce them for you!

Branded Cooler Bags

Why go for branded cooler bags if you can get OEM-quality custom insulated cooler bags from us here at The One? We’re not the ones making these branded cooler bags, but the materials they use to make it, we use too. The best part about working with us is that you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars! You’ll be surprised at how low and inexpensive our products are!

Custom Lunch Cooler Bags

Need a lunch bag that’s insulated, and you also want it customized and specified to the market you’re offering it to? Try out the materials we use for our custom lunch cooler bags here at The One. We deliver within a month for some amounts of wholesale custom lunch cooler bags, so don’t worry about timing. Negotiate with us and we will never position ourselves on top of you – our clients are our number one priority!

Custom Insulated Lunch Bags

The One is a master in the art of manufacturing custom insulated lunch bags. We use a wide range of materials for it, but the most common would be those that are reusable, eco-friendly, and easy to manage. We can customize it to the point of personalizing it with your own brand so you can remerchandise and resell it to your customers!

Custom Size Cooler Bags

Our bagmaking experts and development teams are also skilled in the art of producing cooler bags that are customized sizes according to your needs. We can produce standard 6-pack cooler bags, 10-pack cooler bags, soft insulated cooler backpacks, and many more! You will never have a problem with the quality of our products because we perform complete inspection and assessment of them before packaging and delivery!

Custom Beer Cooler Bags

As China’s top custom insulated bags manufacturer, we can deliver promising quality custom beer cooler bags. These bags are perfect for bottles because they have complete insulation that can last up to 24 hours! We redesigned our beer cooler bags so you can use them for traveling and they wouldn’t budge whenever they’re subjected to extreme movement and locomotion.

Custom Waterproof Cooler Bags

Our manufacturing plant also produces highly personalized custom waterproof cooler bags for less! Yes, you can bring in the creativity, the branding, and the style that you want out of the waterproof cooler bags that we have! You can bring them to the beach, a boat, or any event that would have a wet atmosphere! Many of our clients choose our custom waterproof cooler bags because of the flexibility and versatility of our styles and designs, not to mention the strength and reliability of them, too!

Custom Insulated Tote Bags

Who said cooler bags and insulated bags always have to be boxed? Not us here at The One! We have the machines and equipment that could create whatever type of insulated bags you need! In fact, we’re one of the few suppliers in the Jiangsu province in China to have made custom insulated tote bags. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and are effective just like how regular insulated bags are. Customize them from the shape, size, color, and even the design!

Bulk Cooler Bags

If you’re onto some business with cooler bags and you want to fully customize a bulk or a wholesale order, The One has got to be the manufacturer you’ll work with. We have the complete set of materials sourced out from the best and most reliable supply chains in the country. All our machines are high-quality and high-tech, and the color choices we offer are unorthodox but effective. The One can offer you world-class quality bulk cooler bags for a cheap and affordable amount!

We have a wide library of choices for our custom insulated bags, custom cooler bags, and of course, waterproof cooler bags. The One is equipped with an excellent presales and aftersales customer service teams and we’ll always be ready for any type of orders you may have.

Give us a call, leave us an email, or chat with us! We’ll send over a free quotation of the bulk orders of custom insulated bags!

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