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Image of a PEVA Dead Body Bag

Supply Custom Biodegradable Body Bags

We supply bulk cheap custom bioderadable body bags. We can make various of styles, like 4 handles, no handles, 6 handles, etc. Zipper style could be straight zipper and C style zipper. Supply ID pocket and tags.

    Not a lot of people know this, but you can actually purchase sets of biodegradable body bags in the market. Yes, in fact, the majority of biodegradable body bags are eco-friendly!

    But, are you aware of what people are talking about it online? Don’t worry, if you’re a beginner and you know little-to-no about biodegradable body bags, we’re here to help and assist you!

    What is a Biodegradable Body Bag?

    It is a type of body bag that is known to be environmentally friendly and best-suited to be used under any different type of circumstance.

    Figure 1 – A plain and white biodegradable body bag

    Oftentimes, biodegradable body bags are used in the process of cremation or casket burial. Since they’re biodegradable, it will be easy for external sources to decompose it completely.

    You will be welcomed with a whole wide library of selection for biodegradable body bags in the market!

    Biodegradable Body Bag Specifications

    Figure 2 – An image that outlines the completeness of a biodegradable body bag

    As opposed to regular body bags, biodegradable body bags are often more costly and more expensive because of the fact that they hold more use and they’re designed to be easily decomposable.

    However, their physicality or their structure is often similar to what regular corpse body bags are. The common specifications and features of these include:  

    • Can have six (6) handles
    • Zipper-equipped (either middle type or U-zipper type)
    • The thickness can be within 0.25 mm up to 0.4 mm.
    • Can be produced in a wide variety of colors
    • And many more!

    Biodegradable Body Bag Price

    Figure 3 – There isn’t a common value of biodegradable body bags in the market

    Generally, we wouldn’t give you a price because not all biodegradable body bags are made by a single manufacturer.

    In fact, several factors come into play when discussing the rates and prices of these biodegradable bags – varying from the type of material used for it, the size and shape, the overall form, and lastly, the features and the complementary functions that the bag has.

    But, to give you a quick rundown of it, regular body bags cost around $7 to $12 per piece. For biodegradable body bags, though, that amount can go as high as $50 each in its retail price!

    Wholesale Biodegradable Body Bags

    Figure 4 – A factory that produces biodegradable body bags wholesale

    Purchasing biodegradable bags wholesale, of course, would be totally different. Why? – Because you can secure a ton of discounts and promotions.

    The only drawback or con of it is that you might not need all of them in one go. You have the chance of purchasing it for just $3 each, but that would be at the cost of buying a minimum of 10,000 pieces.

    The idea is good because you will not shell out a lot of money, and at the same time, you will never experience any type of supply shortage, which means you will have faster and more urgent time to market.

    What Materials Are Used to Make Biodegradable Body Bag?

    Figure 5 – An example of a biodegradable bag that’s made from eco-friendly materials

    Also commonly referred to as disaster or human remains pouches (HRPs), biodegradable body bags traditionally use and utilize vinyl, nylon, as well as PVC or polyvinyl chloride.

    Today, though, there are biodegradable body bags that are made out of polyester as well as non-woven fabric, jute, canvas, as well as PEVA or polyethylene vinyl acetate.

    Colors of Biodegradable Body Bags You Can Purchase

    Figure 6 – A set of black-colored biodegradable bags

    Biodegradable body bag manufacturers can produce whatever color you wish to have. However, the most common and the most usual color schemes of biodegradable body bags are:

    • Yellow
    • White
    • Red
    • Gray
    • Black
    • Blue

    Can Biodegradable Bags Be Transparent?

    Figure 7 – An image of a gray biodegradable body bag that has a transparent window

    The purpose of using biodegradable bags is to protect and cover the remains. Therefore, it would not make sense if the biodegradable bags are made transparent.

    Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Biodegradable Body Bags?

    The One was able to supply a large number of biodegradable body bags in and around China for the past decade. In fact, we’ve been considered and deemed by businesses and companies from all around the world as their best option when it comes to body bags.

    Apart from the fact that our products are safe and AZO free, we’re tagged and certified by qualification standard assessors, making all of our biodegradable body bags licensed and safe-to-use in whatever industry you might need it for.

    Can The One Produce Custom Biodegradable Bags?

    Custom or not, our flock of experts and professionals will always be ready and prepared to give you what you need!

    We utilize state-of-the-art and cutting-edge machines and equipment, making all of the products you want and need specific to what applications you’ll have for it.

    Why The One’s Biodegradable Body Bags Are the Best in the Market

    Some of the top and qualifying pros and benefits of choosing The One’s lineup of biodegradable body bags include:

    • We’re able to produce a large number daily – we can negotiate on it!
    • You will never have problems when it comes to supply quality
    • All of our experts and engineers have decades of experience in creating and manufacturing biodegradable body bags

    Work with us and have firsthand experiences on why we are known and deemed as the best and most reliable biodegradable body bag manufacturing company in the world!

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