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Garment Bags Guide

Custom garment bags

What Is A Garment Bag?

Garment bags are packaging Clothing bags used to store various clothes, such as suits, dresses, skirts, coats, etc.

How Many Kinds Of Fabrics Are There For Garment Bags?

TOS-40 PEVA garment bag

Peva is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic fabric, and it has waterproof function. Now it is used to replace PVC fabric. PVC fabric is toxic.

PEVA suit cover bags are a popular choice for storing and protecting suits. PEVA stands for Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate, a plastic material known for its durability and versatility. These bags offer a lightweight and flexible solution, making them convenient for travel or daily use.

One of the key advantages of PEVA suit cover bags is their excellent resistance to moisture and dust. The material forms a protective barrier that helps keep your suits clean and wrinkle-free. Additionally, PEVA is free from harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly, making it a safe option for garment storage.

Nonwoven garment bags are now the most popular fabrics, breathable, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive, and are welcomed by wholesalers, brands, and distributors.

Black Vinyl Garment Bags

PVC clothing garment bags are the earliest bags used to package clothing, but since this fabric is not environmentally friendly, it is gradually replaced by other fabrics.

Vinyl suit cover bags are resistant to water, dust, and mildew, ensuring that your suits remain safe and well-maintained. The material is easy to clean, simply wiping away any dirt or stains. Some vinyl suit covers also feature reinforced seams and handles for added strength and convenience.

These bags are designed to accommodate multiple suits, with ample space for jackets, pants, and shirts. They often come with zipper closures, allowing for easy access and secure storage.

Nylon garment bags are often used for high-end brand clothing, which is also a waterproof fabric, strong, but expensive, not suitable for public purchase.

5.Bamboo garment bags

Bamboo fiber material is a new type of clothing bag recently developed, but it has not been widely used.

6.Leather garment bags


Leather suit covers are made from artificial or synthetic leather. They have a smooth surface with a natural luster, providing a comfortable and wear-resistant option. Leather suit covers are the most high-end and expensive among all suit covers. The craftsmanship of leather suit covers is different from ordinary cloth suit covers, allowing for embossed logos, rivet inlays, and other exquisite and luxurious designs.

7.Cotton garment bags

Cotton garment bag

Made from cotton material derived from natural plants, cotton suit covers are environmentally friendly, gentle, and non-irritating. They are soft, comfortable, highly breathable, and absorbent. However, pure cotton suit covers have the drawbacks of easy shrinkage and wrinkling, and they can be quite expensive. Most suit bags on the market are blended with polyester fibers and cotton cloth.

What Are The Most Popular Style Garment Bags

Best Garment Bags for Suits

Hanging garment bag is a bag which suitable used at home. Because it had a hanger hole, it is easy for clothes hanged up in the closet.

The zippered garment bag is an easy style that had a central zipper, usually had a square or oval window.

Garment suit carrier bag is a bag that had handles, could be easily carried for traveling.

Plastic garment bags which have PEVA and Vinyl material, it is a cheap cost, if for bulk orders, this is a good choice for choosing this material.

The gussesed wedding gown bag can store larger wedding dresses. The side width can be 10 inches or 20 inches, and the bottom width can also be increased.

The transparent Clear wedding bag is a style that can display the wedding dress in all aspects, it is easy to choose, and it is very popolar for the brand wedding shop.

Traveling wedding bags are mainly suitable for travel,the portable wedding bag is mainly suitable for travel, and it is generally made of non-woven fabric, which is light weight.

Best Garment Bags for Dance

Clear garment bags is a best choice for dance clothes.

Nonwoven breathable garment bag is also hot sellng for protecing dance clothes.

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